Scalable Web-Based Patient Outreach

Meet Larry. He’s a 67-year-old with multiple comorbid conditions. Streator Health Partners knows a strong provider-patient relationship is the foundation upon which high-quality patient care rests. Larry’s care team at Streator Health Partners uses RoundingWell to stay connected to him – and thousands of patients just like him–between in-person visits or after any hospitalizations he may have.

RoundingWell strengthens the provider-patient relationship.

Streator Health Partners benefits from RoundingWell’s web-based outreach because it allows them to touch many more patients with much less effort than is normally the case with just phone-based outreach. Coordinators can screen patient populations using standardized screening tools.

Screen patient populations using standardized screening tools.

Streator Health Partners knows how important it is to gather Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) in order to measure the performance of their organization. RoundingWell enables Streator to gather PROs directly from patients. They are able to indicate their health status and the state of their physical, mental, and functioning well-being.

Proactively engage populations at scale.

For both post-acute and chronic populations, Streator uses the RoundingWell Engagement Library to proactively engage populations at scale and prevent patients from falling through the cracks. Since Engage is built on the RoundingWell Integrated Care Management Platform, care teams have the capabilities to put patient-generated data to work.


RoundingWell is optimized for use on desktop, tablet, and phone.

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