Population & Team Management

Meet Streator Health Partners, a provider organization entering into a growing number of value-based contracts. More and more of its reimbursements are tied to achieving quality measures and improving outcomes in the populations it serves. Streator’s population management programs are being run by care coordinators. They need RoundingWell to track how patient populations are being managed and by whom.

Streator establishes an integration between their EMR and RoundingWell so that population and patient data can be exchanged between both systems. RoundingWell uses EMR data to segment populations into groups according to criteria defined by Streator. When patients match predefined criteria, they automatically appear in the appropriate patient group.


Streator also uses RoundingWell to set up care teams and assign them to registries. This important step clarifies a care team’s population responsibilities. They can also assign individual clinicians to individual patients.

group example
Set up care teams and assign them to patient groups. Then assign individual clinicians to individual patients.

Streator leadership knows the importance of eliminating unnecessary work for their clinical staff. Everything clinicians do in RoundingWell is sent back to patients’ charts in Streator’s EMR. Documentation becomes a byproduct of care teams simply coordinating care and communicating with each other. Streator achieves regulatory compliance, clinicians don’t have to double-chart, and leadership is happy. Win. Win. Win.


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