As the central hub for care team operations, RoundingWell reduces everyday care delivery friction and enables clinicians to spend their time and energy on what matters most – caring for patients.

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What is Care Team Operations?

A shared platform for clinical teams that blends project management and workflow management capabilities to standardize and scale key organizational processes.

No more one-off and siloed texts, emails, phone messages, faxes, etc. Every clinician using RoundingWell knows securely and in real-time what the clinical team is doing to care for every patient.

RoundingWell care team ops platform is not an EMR, though RoundingWell does integrate with EMRs, analytics platforms, and other health IT systems.

RoundingWell enables a clinician team to communicate and collaborate seamlessly, whether that team is focused on managing the behavioral health needs of a primary care practice or on managing the delivery of care across a Clinically Integrated Network.

Put another way, RoundingWell optimizes the daily operations of a care team. Thus, Care Team Operations.

Care Team Ops – Why is it important?

RoundingWell is a fit for your organization if you need to:


Standardize and track the delivery of care


Engage your patients effectively


Manage hand-offs, track the status of work, and close any loops


Streamline and automate cumbersome processes


Scale care delivery protocols across multiple locations


Manage regulatory complexity and report on compliance

The RoundingWell Difference


Simple per user pricing sets us apart from all those vendors with opaque enterprise pricing schemes. RoundingWell is a true SaaS offering: no extra costs for modules, version upgrades, “premium” support, etc.


RoundingWell is a Low code/no code platform, which means that a clinician team can create workflows and start using RoundingWell in a matter of weeks. We are one less thing that an often overloaded IT department needs to worry about.


Our low code/no code model also means that our customers don’t need to pay an expensive 3rd party implementation vendor to spend months customizing a solution that they can 
actually use.

Customer Spotlight - Medication Management Service

One of our customers is bringing to market a tech-enabled medication management service. With their in-house pharmacy team, they’re managing polypharmacy patients in self-insured employer and payer populations. They needed a platform to operationalize medication management service delivery and the ability to scale to multiple clients.

  • Determine eligible population from 
attribution file
  • Identify candidates 
using pharmacy claims
  • Standardize med management workflow
  • Trigger workflow automatically
  • Capture data via forms: Med List, Drug Therapy Problems, Care Plan, Outreach Log, ARMS7
  • Report on process measures to demonstrate results for clients

Platform Capabilities

Workflow Modeling

  • Population Segmentation
  • Work Templates
  • Rules-based Worklists
  • Automations
  • Patient Engagement

Activity Tracking

  • Assessments & Screenings
  • Custom Forms
  • Work Statuses
  • Activity Logging

Team Collaboration

  • Owners & Roles
  • Due Dates & Time Tracking
  • Comments & Mentions
  • Followers & Notifications
  • Process Measures & Reporting

Data Integration

  • Claims (Medical & Prescriptions)
  • EHR Data & Demographics
  • Attribution/Enrollment

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